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Hizeye was married for a while. It was very stifling. After we "divorced" I (Hizeye), vowed to remain a bachelor forever more.

It's worked out quite well. I'd rather have a series of flings than be tied down to one other character until the old gods come back.

She was a tauren too, if that matters. A druidess.
Why the hell would you want to get married that's worse then fighting Old gods, and all the other horrible things we've faced.
Which character would your character probably date or marry within the game? because we all need someone haha
My fiancee's monk :) These 2 leveled up together.
If I had to pick some NPC in the game? He Softfoot. Strong, silent type and all that.

I have some bad news.....
My pocket tank.
I am married to my faith and I am dedicated in the protection of my people. To contemplate "settling down" would be a dereliction of my duties. There will always be a need to bolster those who feel the light have left them. There are those of which magic is a curse, and they need help to curb the hunger.

Settling down is not an option.

I admire your dedication. But consider: our numbers are seriously depleted. Part of our duty to our people has to include making sure there is a next generation, both in the sense of protecting them, and in the sense of making it happen.

And no, that's not a proposal, at least not necessarily.
Why the hell would you want to get married that's worse then fighting Old gods, and all the other horrible things we've faced.

Eh, not if you pick your partner carefully enough. You just have to know what to ask for in the job interview, so to speak.
I'd rather have someone I could go adventuring with than someone waiting at home. Home is enough. A partner to cut a swathe through enemies with is even better. We would understand each other better, and be more aware of the toll that constant battling has on us as individuals.

Yeah, to me that's a more valuable thing than someone waiting at home.
My character isn't a complete idiot.

Who would marry you anyway...

My girlfriend Velaethia would be my in-game SO, just as she is in real life.
Whomever is in charge, duh. Then do everything my little black heart desires merely because I could then get away with it. Eventually that person would get the axe- after all this IS wow- and I could claim I was under some weird sorta spell. Boom, all is forgiven.

The orcs probably murdered my character's SO during their little rampage thing.
because we all need someone haha

Zilby is a wild lioness. Free, graceful, and untameable.


It... Wouldn't work in WoW.

You'd... I just... Marrying an NPC? You get WAY more people on (some) servers than there would be marriable NPC's and... That would get... awkward.

And then there's the problem of whether or not they add a... uh... gender restriction. If they do, people will riot. If they don't, people will riot. It's a lose-lose situation.

Not to mention the increase in raunchy trade chat this would cause (as if it could get worse.)

OP, I know you're a year in the past, but if you're that desperate to get your char a significant other, do what I did and roll an alt for them.

Random Comment: One game that did pull it off, though: Fire Emblem: Awakening.
"My Character is already married, to my Husband's Character."
No time for that jazz.

Families are for Breeders.

I save the world.
I am currently dating someone in wow but yes i think that if they added marriage in to wow that would be awesome plus if they had something like SAO (Sword Art Online) were you got a bag or a bank account that you can both access it at any time but yes i have a lvl 100 human paladin lvl 91 night elf druid and a lvl 85 orc so i no what it feel s like to come home (or to an inn) and not have anybody there i mean i know theres guildies but you cant trust them like you can a wife or girlfriend
Toastsoldier and Sylvanas 4 lyf <3
Marriage in wow would be awesome, so many games have taht feature,a nd it lets you and your partner have special things like teleports to each other. Could also implement a choice between a bestfriend/marriage, so marraige doesnt seem like a must to players.
Dunno why it wasnt implemented already, brings nothing but more fun

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