Alani Mount

I have 10 skyshards and I am wts the Alani Mount.

Note: You have to be exaulted with the following to use the mount-

Order of the Cloud Serpent
The August Celestials

Golden Lotus (Revered)

Mail me in game with offers if you are interested.

Considering Alani is just another Serpent, and every man, woman, dog, horse, bird, will have one soon enough.

I offer you 500g

Mail me in game with offers if you are interested.

People collect mounts, pets etc..
I am offering mine for a reasonable price. If you are not interested or feel the need to be "that guy" go ahead. Irrelevant opinions are still opinions.
10/17/2012 07:37 PMPosted by Tazzdevil
People collect mounts

10k, as shards are fairly easy to obtain from farming mobs.
Thanks Zeph, so many AQ runs I decided to find an alternative...

Shards are easy to obtain .02% drop rate, good luck with that :)

Mount is Sold Thanks you for all the offers.

Just as a heads up you can get another 10 Skyshards again even after using it once so it is Repeatable.

That 0.2% farming easy mobs allows you to collect them pretty quickly if you spend a few hours farming.

Did you srsly sell it for red bug....
True if you are lucky. Though you could kill 10,000 mobs and not get one.

I certainly won't be farming up a second that's for sure..

Red bug? Not sure what that is but no, sold it for gold.
Get much for it?
I got 9 on my rogue just from dailies D:

5 on paladin aswell.
farmed two. burned one. sold the other for 200k, dont let the troll short change is still a very rare mount. skyshard are rare.
01/28/2013 01:35 AMPosted by Vendettá
skyshard are rare.

Get bot

not rare anymore
i am entirely unimpressed with the mount. anyone paying over 50k for it is a fool... also... yes, they are common now, as was predicted. they are selling on my server for abt 50k per. OP is LOL.

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