A-<Friend Zone>25m - 8/16H LF DK/Warlock

Guild Recruitment
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- We are on US - Darkspear (PVP), Alliance. -

SUP. <Friend Zone> is recruiting you people to join our guild and kill internet dargons and stuff. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 7:30pm Server time, we end raid at 11pm server time. We raid a total of 10.5 hours a week; however we sometimes end a little late and realistically, its more like 10.5-11hours a week. We want applicants who don't need people to hold their hands, and who can be responsible enough to be prepared for raid. You also need to pull good numbers and not drop fire in the raid.

Our Current Progression as of 1/21/13:
25: MV 5/6 H., HoF 3/6 H., ToES 4/4 N.(+Elite Protectors)

What we are looking for as of 1/21/13:
Paladin: Medium (Retribution)
Warrior: Medium (Fury)
Druid: Low
Rogue: Low
Hunter: Low
Mage: Low
Warlock: High
Priest: Low
Shaman: Medium (Elemental)
Death Knight: High (Frost)
Monk: Low

If you don't see your name on here, but you think you're better than our current raiders; please look at what we have to offer!

If you are interested, visit www.friendzoneguild.com, read the Guild Information page then register and apply!

  • Nawp: Battletag: Nawp#1149
    Celltechrage: Battletag: Spens#1678
    Vitaminwater: Battletag: Vitaminwater#1922

  • We are super cute and are looking forward to hearing from you!
    Shadow Priests are Extra High priority because they are goooooooooood.
    #1 World/US (named Friend Zone)
    need more hunter buddies since one is ditching us.
    And more ranged.
    Those young cuties.
    Pmub, it's simple, Pmub.
    Pmub. It's like mud.
    I think everyone should get a daily dose of Pmub.
    Still looking for those young range classes.
    Have you had your daily dose of Pmub?
    pumb for 6/6 25
    Updated 10/31
    Hi still LFM working on those young heroic modes tonight.
    hi :3
    11/02/2012 01:00 AMPosted by Unsubtle
    Recruiting all classes! Come join the qtest guild on DS!

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