A-<Friend Zone>25m - 8/16H LF DK/Warlock

Guild Recruitment
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1/6 Heroic nowwwwwww.
Looking for more exceptional players.
Quality needed.
11/09/2012 01:46 PMPosted by Liltunechix
hi. join us. lift. celltech

I wonder who this is
Looking for a few to fill open spots!
Currently looking for healers any spec.
Updated 11/21
We are now looking for a Warlock as well!!
heavily looking for a warlock friendzoneguild.com
looking for more!
Looking for those young healers.
Specifically a combination of two of the following: Resto Druid, a Disc/Holy Priest, and a Resto Shaman.

Also looking for those good Aff. Warlocks and Fire Mages.
Updated some minor stuff.
Math is not fun.
Definitely not fun.
Need another great healer

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