A-<Friend Zone>25m - 8/16H LF DK/Warlock

Guild Recruitment
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healers come out come out wherever you are
11/29/2012 06:42 PMPosted by Vitaminwater
healers come out come out wherever you are

This. Kinda.
Oh mannnnnnnn
Still looking for some new friends :>
Also, updated.
Oh hello.
what's going on qt
oh not much, just killing dragons and stuffs.
oh really me too
Really wish Spens would join in on this.
I'm trying to raid here sir.
Update: 3/6 h msv now.
5-6 pulls on H Garajal for a first kill. too ez
vitaminwater gets nothing from tokens more at 11
Nawp gets autolooted items cause I'm awesome.
Spens really needs to go lift.
And finals are dumb.
Math is the worst subject
You're the worst subject.

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