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10/19/2012 01:01 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Well that escalated quickly

Yeah, there were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident!
Yeah, been meaning to talk to you about that. I suggest going to a friend's house and lay low for a bit, cause you're probably wanted for murder.
so blizz answers meaningless posts about xmog gear while other serious posts go ignored... guess u can only answer what u have answers for.

All of the Cataclysmic sets were added with the exception of Paladin. I've tried to get assistance over at customer support but was told to come to this post. Could you please explain why all of the sets would be added without Paladins being included?

Thank you,

I am almost thinking it was intentional, doesn't make sense otherwise, I suppose it could be a bug or a mistake.

Hopefully they will add it.
Hybrid classes do not have Season 11 pvp gear yet either. Will this change???
Dax, is there any word on if they are ever going to bring back the Relentless weapons? The Relentless Glad Decapitator was one of the best looking axes ever created in the game and its no longer available to get anymore....

Relentless Gladiator's Decapitator

that is a nice wep!
Is there any way that the Season 11 gear will be added back to the game prior to 5.2? And, if so, could you give us a time-frame for when it will be added back to the game? I know that many people, including myself, find the Season 11 gear to be one of the coolest armor sets in the game, and adding it back would give a lot of players something new to grind for.
Thanks, and keep up the good work.
Ok, I now see that all of the armor sets except for hybrid classes have been added back. When will the rest be added?
I am expecting this set really hard, someone could give us a answer?

there's grand marshal/high warlord, which are similarly set up, as they should be.

God forbid someone has something unique in this game anymore.

"This game is hard and I want everyone to know how good I am at it"

"This game is too hard and i want handouts"
Its really not fair..... to add the majority of the classes armor set back, but not the Hybrid Classes? Its almost a form of segregation....... if you wanted to take it to that extreme. But please Blizzard, change this!
How about Grand Marshal's Claymore??
Could we ecleast get another Blue post telling us when exactly it will be released?
12/11/2012 04:41 PMPosted by Mônarch
Could we ecleast get another Blue post telling us when exactly it will be released?

it will help us a lot.
Yeap. It would. That set might be the coolest set in the Game.
Any word on bringing back all the old sets/weapons at some point?

Sets = 5 main pieces AND belts/boots/bracers.
ok I dont know what people have been smoking, but I have been to the vendors in Area 52 on many of my hybrid and non-hybrid classes. There is not any sign of the Cataclysmic set at the vendors. Not a single hunter, shaman, paladin, warrior, mage, priest, rogue, druid, or DK set item. Before anyone says it, yes I changed the vendor filter to include all classes. guess the blue post was a lie.
I was able to find all Season 11 gear (Cataclysmic items) at the Dalaran Sewers on my warrior, but when I tried on my shaman there are none...Why????
I saw the non heroic stuff but not the Heroic stuff. Are we still waiting on that?

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