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11/26/2012 07:59 PMPosted by Tritonis
Unfortunately, due to some issues, the inclusion of the Season 11 items will need to be delayed, possibly until patch 5.2.

Question: Why do you lot seem to stick all the legacy stuff out in Area 52?

~Giorgio Tsoukalos
11/26/2012 06:52 PMPosted by Jake
I don't even understand how this is possible. Unless the way they keep their databases is vastly different that how you alter them on private servers, I could do this within 1-2 hours easily.

So whats taking so long with blizz doing it
Who Cares? I'm a Rogue. Your gear ain't going to do anything for my class.

My lvl 90 Horde Rogue needs a pair of crutches or a wheel chair after what MoP did to the Rogues.

I doubt any of your gear will make a difference since you will pass out gear to all the classes that will be equally powerful, which will leave us equally as weak a class as we are now.

I shiver to think what you people might come up with next.

Maybe if you made a dagger that doesn't stab like a wet noodle, or a Backstab move that isn't a Back-Massage move, I'd be impressed. But I doubt that's going to happen.

I'm not talking about bringing back legendary daggers. I've never owned those and got along in bgs with decent ones. By getting along, I mean that every 4 or 5 encounters in Cata battlegrounds. I could take a player down. In MoP bgs I just die. It's a nightmare.
A recurring bad dream every time I go in.

I'll tell you what. Maybe you could make some gear for us Rogues! Maybe a Chest Piece that has words written on it "Farm your Honer Points here"

Oh that gives me an idea, speaking of Farm. Maybe you could make the Rogues some good Mining suits, and Farmers outfits. Since most of us are using our Rogues now to go out and gather herbs and mine ore. Being that they're next to useless for anything else.
It would actually be more fitting.

I put a lot of work into getting to lvl 90 and took my herb gathering all the way up and since I don't want to just re-roll and start all over again; If I had a cool looking farmer's outfit, I'd feel a little better when I sign on, since I wouldn't be expecting to see a Rogue there. I'd get used to it after a while and happily adapt to the new place your programers have relegated this class to.

Hey maybe you could make us a Hoe, like farmers use and perhaps maybe a special Pick axe for mining. So when were out in the fields and hills they would serve as weapons too. Just replace the daggers with those. Maybe buff them so we can gather an extra herb or two while using them.

One last thought, If you can make make the new farming and mining outfits for us, it would be nice if you could color it like the army does with camouflage print. That way when were farming or mining, we might be able to avoid being seen so easily by lower lvl pvp players who have taken to hunting us for honor points in MoP.

Good Luck . Can't wait to see what you all dream up next.

P. S. Just give our Daggers to the Warriors since they now do better, what a Rogue was originally intended to do.
this thread has nothing to do with rogue damage or how u feel gimped move along child
Elite gear is a touchy subject. Everyone that earned it at the time would be upset that people can get it.

Having said elite gear is a way to show that they achieved something during that season (Isn't true for all seasons). I honestly like that some gear isn't obtainable anymore (elite from previous seasons), makes it ever more challenging.

*There were realm first (Guild Achievements) in Cata & in Mop as well.
Well, put a 2.2k rating requirement to buy elites, and a Replica in the name, so ppl know you havent got it in the season "Replica Cataclysmic Gladiator".
We can buy wrathful shoulders which was only for 2k players.

PS: I dont like the way some ppl see this, like, "I have an exclusive thing, and if it's not exclusive there is no point of using this." This is kinda jerkish and too much "show off".
well it is exclusive if u didn't earn the rating needed when that gear was current regardless of getting it during another season u should not have the right to wear it
Delayed until 5.1 now, how disappointing to drop this the night before that patch............

Any plans to address the issue of XP locked toons queuing arena? Currently we have to turn XP on to queue for arena, a dumb work around for something that shouldn't be an issue, and not available to people who can't turn on their XP gain as they don't have all the expansion.

After all you told the PVP community to take the ball and run with it, the lower level PVP community hosted multiple arena tournaments with thousands of viewers each on streams of it.

With XP locked toons no longer being able to queue, we can't do that anymore. Acknowledgement of it being a bug, and not intended would be fantastic.
Actually Discarnate; this thread has everything to do with Rogue damage and not "how" I feel gimped, but how I "was" gimped by MoP.

If that sounds childish to you all I can say is that, it's just me, a Rogue who's tired of farming for the moment and wanted to participate with the happy crowd.

AND since I'm a lvl 90 Horde Rogue, having ran 5 bgs tonight, dying in every fight, I figured I needed a rest. So I thought I'd come back and see what the non-farmer classes are doing in their spare time.

True, I have a lot of time on my hands to write in forums since I won't be fighting as many bgs, so you may be reading more about the Pathetic Rogue class in all the forums. You need not worry, I won't be too mean to your community manager. It's not his fault that he works for the people who did this to us.

So call me childish or call me anything you like, I'll never deny it.
Go post in rogue forums, not PVP gear threads. Moron.
you are right i shouldn't call u childish even a child has more sense im calling you a dumbass crying in a PVP Gear forum about how your class is gimped this thread has NOTHING to do about it its a completely different subject if u went such a entitled player u would realize this
SLAP YOUR PATTY! No thread necro! Really, where are all those idiots that complain about thread necros? LOL!

On subject, /shrug sounds good :-)
10/19/2012 05:20 PMPosted by Daxxarri
As an aside, I'll pass along your feedback about some of the other items that are no longer obtainable. We've long been interested in expanding Transmogrification options, so making some of this stuff obtainable in the future isn't outside the realm of possibility.

Help me Daxx! I keep hearing "we want to expand 'mogging" but never any ballpark ideas *how* PLEASE throw some thoughts at us?

And as for unobtainable items, what about the crafting items no longer craftable, or unique quest items no longer questable?
11/26/2012 04:49 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Unfortunately, due to some issues, the inclusion of the Season 11 items will need to be delayed, possibly until patch 5.2.

unless you earned the title back in Vanilla i believe you cannot Xmog the Grandmashal or Knight capt or w/e it was i dunno all the details i started playing in Cata
Are you guys also looking into the bugged arena queues? Players have to toggle their xp to switch between bgs and arenas - not cool. It would also be helpful if a player of any level in a bracket was allowed to join or create arena teams, not just players at the base of the bracket (ex a 71 should be able to make a team with a 70 - currently you have to be on a team before leveling to be able to participate).

While we're on the topic, please add back low level skirmishes. Thanks.
10/19/2012 05:20 PMPosted by Daxxarri
As an aside, I'll pass along your feedback about some of the other items that are no longer obtainable. We've long been interested in expanding Transmogrification options, so making some of this stuff obtainable in the future isn't outside the realm of possibility.

Blizzard has stated they want to expand transmogrification options. I don't see a problem with people obtaining replicas of season 11 gear. If it says when you inspect a persons gear that they have replicas then it's obvious they didn't earn it when it was current. It doesn't make sense to bar people from a good looking set just because they weren't hardcore PvP-ers (or PvP-ers at all) in a particular season.

We (the people who want this gear put back in the game) aren't trying to steal your "status symbol" and negate what you did in season 11. You didn't get your gear in season 11 because it looked fancy, you got it because it made you a formidable opponent on the battlefield. We just want to have a cool looking set, not the stats you paid all that honor/conquest to get. Complaining that others get to don the image of your hard-worked for gear is just being selfish. Truth is, we will have to work just as hard as you did to get the look since the honor/conquest cost isn't going to change.

Getting offended about people looking like you did in the past makes you no different from the snobby elitist jerks I see in hardcore raids. Transmogrification should be an avenue open to anyone who is willing to put in the time to get that gear. Isn't the purpose of WoW to have fun and enjoy your characters? If having that gear be exclusive to you is so important that you would deny others the pleasure of having the look they enjoy the most then maybe you should put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you took a break from the game and came back to see you missed a season with really awesome looking sets, only to find out they were forever unobtainable because elitist PvP-ers said you didn't deserve it for not playing in that season? You would not be happy I can guarantee.

So before you all cry out that bringing the "look" of the set back is unfair, look at how unfair you are being to the multitudes who just want their characters to have their favorite looking gear.

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