Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Terrace of Endless Spring fully cleared on 25 Man. More Heroic Modes to come!
Heroic Gara'jhal down on 25, keep pushing guys!
We're still looking for more DPS, especially Rogues, Mages, and Monks. Also a Monk Healer if possible.

If Daytime Raiding is your thing (you work nights, live in Europe, or whatever other reason) then I encourage you to apply. Daytime Raiders are rare but we're pushing progression on a Top 100 US 25 Man level.

Don't be scared. We don't bite. ^_^
The end of another Raid Week and we have Normal Terrace of Endless Spring cleared and Heroic Gara'jal the Spiritbinder (3/6 Heroic MV) to show for progression. Next week more Heroics will come.

We're still seeking several DPS Classes (see main post) and a Monk Healer!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrated it! We are still seeking many DPS and a Monk Healer.

I encourage anyone (regardless of Class) who is interested in Daytime Raiding (Wed/Thurs/Fri/Mon - 10am til 2pm CST) to apply. If you know your Class and can follow mechanics then you'll do well with us. We do clear everything on farm and push for progression weekly (all 25 Man) in our time frame.
Looking for some more great dps for US morning raiding!!! Also WTB MV MONK!!! Come heal with us!!!
MV monk? Do you exist? Mages? Rogues? DKs? WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?
Are there any Healing Monks out there who can Raid in the (American) daytime? :P

Also more DPS is always welcomed in our team to down this Heroic Raid content. :)
WTB Mistweavers to carry me!
Late late night oceanic players where are you!!!!! Recruiting DPS!! Maybe even a pro shaman healer!GOOD MONK HEALERS DO YOU EXIST?
Open recruitment! high demand for Mages! DPS Dk's! Rogues! AND DPS/HEALING MONKS!!!!!!
A fresh Raid week ahead of us with Heroic Bosses in store. Come join us today! :D
Heroic Blade Lord down on 25 man. US 121 for the kill, more heroics soon. Come join us!

Needs Updated 12/6/2012!
Are you still seeking Dps DK for your core 25m raid, if so pls respond and i will apply.
Right now I am low geared as could not find a time suitable group to raid with.
Heroic Elegon down today. 5/16 heroic, Garalon Heroic goes down soon! GJ guys, keep up the momentum.

@Dmonik, come take a peek at www.efhguild.com.
Hi Sinthetik I have applied, pls take a look when u get a chance
LF Resto shammy, MW monk, Holy pally, and some crazy good dps!!!
Heroic Spirit Kings down today! 6/16 heroic. You guys are blazing through bosses, keep it up, lets finish MV heroic and get ready for hof and heroic shek'zeer.
Realm First Heroic Will Of The Emperor has been achieved with fully clearing Heroic Mogu'Shan Vaults. This puts us at 6/6H MV, 1/6H HOF, and 4/4N TES. Still seeking more players. ^_^
MV Heroic cleared, Another Realm 1st for EFH + Cutting Edge FOS. So proud of all of your hard work so far. Let's finish this tier with a bang for the US!

Looking for more talented raiders, with a special emphasis on healers!

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