Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Heroic Wind Lord down to end the Raid week on a great high! ^_^
Halfway done guys, keep pushing!
Heroic Garalon is fun. :P

Still seeking talented DPS and Healers who can Raid during the day!
Heroic Garalon is now down. I can sleep easy!
Great job pulling it together for Garalon, brutal fight indeed. Over halfway done, let's finish the tier with style guys. Keep up the hard work, making me a proud GM!
Happy Holidays everyone! ^_^

Still seeking more Daytime Raiders to go into the New Year and finish off all these Tier 14 Heroic Raid Bosses.
Happy New Year! (From England at least!) ^_^

Still seeking more people for Daytime Raiding. More Heroics to come in this New Year. Hopefully finishing everything up before the next Patch.
Looking for more dps and healers for daytime raiding. 9/16 heroic and ramping up to clear the tier.

DPS Dk's, Rogues, Ele Shaman, Warriors, Holy Paladins, Mistweavers! Apply on our site at www.efhguild.com.
Lei Shi down. 10/16 heroic. Healers/DPS needed for daytime raiding!
MOAR HEALERS?! DO YOU EXIST?? I don't think so :( WTB healers!!!
Strong need for a Holy Paladin, and DPS Dk/Druid/Paladin/Monk/Warrior who carry a tanking offspec.

GO GO Daytime raiders!
Come join us for an epic dance party on Heroic Vizier! This Boss is going to die pretty soon.
Heroic Zor'lok down on 25 man. 11/16 heroic and gunning for the tier clear. Keep up the good work team.

Still recruiting amazing dps and healers for current and future content
Heroic Amber Shaper down on 25! Keeping the kills comin!

12/16 heroic, four more for the tier clear team.

Still recruiting for current and future content!

Ur Kickin !@# guys!

Heroic Empress and Heroic Terrace (minus Lei Shi) left to do. Come join the fun! ^_^
More Heroic Empress progression today. Hoping to score this kill very soon. We're still seeking more Daytime Raiders. :D
It's strange being so Ranged DPS heavy especially in a 25 Man. Where are you Melee DPS? More Heroic Empress progression to come this week and hopefully we see her killed. ^_^
Recruiting hard for 25 man daytime raiding. 12/16 heroic and gunning to clear the tier pre-5.2. Big priority on talented melee dps! I know you are out there!!!


Contact Sinthetik/Miarose/Miskatonic/Sylverfall in game as well.
GRR WHERE ARE U?! come pray game!!
Need more DPS!! ^

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