Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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This weekend several of us finished up Gold Challenge Modes for the Guild. It took a lot of team effort and was very fun and enjoyable.

On with more Heroic Empress progression this Monday. Come join us DPS, we need you to finish this Tier all Heroic!
Empress dies wednesday. 3 to go to clear the tier.

Recruiting hard for talented dps and heals. 12/16 heroic currently!

Still recruiting talented dps and healers, dont be shy!
Daytime raiding to the top!

Recruiting talented dps and healers.

need melee dps that i can bop :pPPpPPppp
Heroic Empress dies tomorrow!

Still looking for more DPS (especially Melee) and Healers to work with us towards Heroic Sha.
Such a great morning to finish Heroic Empress.

Come join us (DPS & Healers) to finish this Tier with everything down on Heroic. ^_^
Heroic Empress dead within the first hour of our Raid today for a Server First. Our hard work paid off!

Still seeking DPS and Healers for finishing Heroic Terrace (everything minus Lei Shi). ^_^
Another Realm 1st for EFH. Incredible pull, so clean, great kill. 13/16, we've still got a shot to clear the tier. Gunning so hard into Throne of Thunder, still recruiting for talented dps. Keep up the good work guys. Nother proud day.-Sin
Strong attempts on Heroic Protectors so far this week. Come join us to finish this Tier fully Heroic! ^_^
Still searching for those Daytime Raiders to finish Heroic Terrace for this Tier.

Heroic Protectors down and sitting at 14/16 Heroic (US #81 for 25 Man Guilds). Everyone done a great job today. :D
Daytime Raiding to the top. ^_^

Seeking some specific DPS and Healers ready for Patch 5.2!
We don't Raid at weekends (well maybe Alt Runs) but we still search for Raiders who would be interested in Daytime Raiding.

Apply today - http://www.efhguild.com
Still searching for talented Daytime Raiders. ^_^
Looking for a holy pally for 5.2
Still seeking talented players for Patch 5.2, especially Warriors, Rogues, Feral Druids, Ret Pallies, and Mages. Also a Holy Pally Healer but apparently they don't exist. :P
It's 2am gone in England time so off to bed for me!

Still seeking a few talented Melee DPS players and a Holy Pally. ^_^
Monday is the last day of the Raid week and a great time to bump this topic up before Raid so any potential Daytime Raiders can see it. :P

We still need some skilled Melee DPS, Mages, and a Holy Pally. Any other skilled players are encouraged to apply to if Daytime Raiding has good times for you.

No Maintenance today so it's a good time for some Mount and Valor farming. ^_^

Still seeking a few Melee DPS, Mages, and Healers (especially Holy Pally) for going into Patch 5.2 strong.

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