Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Tomorrow is the Raid day. Don't delay, apply today! :P

Daytime Raiding to the top! ^_^
Getting ready for Patch 5.2 anytime soon. Still seeking a select few DPS and Healers. However all talented players are encouraged to apply. Let's hit the Throne of Thunder hard!
Still searching for talented Daytime Raiders. :)

It's Friday, time to farm some Raid Bosses and having the weekend off. ^_^

Interested in Daytime Raiding? Apply today and be ready to hit Patch 5.2 hard!
Still searching for Daytime Raiders who want to progress hard into the Throne of Thunder. ^_^
More DPS for Daytime Raiding. :)
my only trouble with your raid time is having to leave 15min early monday and friday :/

I have plenty of experience playing on the super high end, my peak being top 50 world back in cata.
I'm an active player, I usually run logs and stream via twitch.tv/ktjn while maintaining low ms and high fps.
Here are my logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/225227/calendar/02-13/
Sorry they are starting to decay, as I'm not able to actively raid on draenor aside from lfr.
Feel free to add me
Ktjn, if it's only 15 minutes early (towards end of Raids) on two days something could probably be arranged. I encourage you to put in an application anyway.

The end of another Raid Week. Come join us ready to push the Throne of Thunder. ^_^
Throne of Thunder tomorrow?! Still need some talented DPS and Healers for #1 Daytime Raiding.
The Thunder King is here! We're still searching for talented Daytime Raiders to boost our Roster. ^_^
Just a few hours until we storm the Throne of Thunder for our first Raid this week. Come join us!
WTB yummy resto shaman totems, don't be shy!
Got down 3/12 Bosses today and had a good look at Tortos. Certainly a fun first Raid in Tier 15.

We're still seeking some DPS and Healers (especially Resto Shammy) for Daytime Raiding!
Ready for some more turtle kicking today? I sure am!

Come join EFH for some high end Daytime Raiding. ^_^
Tortos and Megaera down today, onto Ji-Kun and more tomorrow.

Interested in Daytime Raiding? Check out http://www.efhguild.com today!
Up with Daytime Raiding. ^_^
After some flying fun we downed Ji-Kun and put some time into Durumu. We have the weekend to relax as our next Raid day is Monday before the Raid week is over.

We're still seeking more talented Daytime Raiders. Various DPS and strongly a Resto Shammy.
I love weekends for relaxing and doing random things in WoW.

Still seeking some selected DPS and a Resto Shammy for Daytime Raiding!
Last day before the Raids reset. Time to kill some more Bosses. ^_^

Searching out for a Resto Shammy especially but any talented Daytime Raider is encouraged to apply.

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