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Any word on any upcoming sales or promos for character services? I've been contemplating a race change for my... wait for it.... Troll priest (whom I might add looks like an awfully haggard, buck-toothed version of Charlie Sheen) but alas, $25 is a bit too salty for such a trivial service (in comparison to a realm transfer which is a whole whopping $5 more).

I know there was a sale way back in July (found it via Google, who'da thunk it!?), however I wasn't all that active in-game at the time. I've scoured the forums and several Blizzard sites, but it doesn't appear anything is impending unfortunately. Thus why I'm asking the community if anything has been announced per chance. :)
I'ld like to know if there is going to be another sale like the one pre-MoP where all the games were worth like $5.
It's a good way to get new players.
The Battle Chest(Vanilla, BC, and WotLK) is on sale for $5 right now.
This is brand new content, and millions of people are going to be race changing their beloved old-model characters into fresh faced, dewy-eyed Pandas!

This is the period in which Blizzard will probably make the biggest chunk of profit related to Additional Services for 2012. Why would they give any discounts when they know that most of us are biting our nails, holding back, until we finally cannot stand a clunky Orc model and simply MUST be a Panda!

2 minutes later, that was a pretty easy $25 they made which is essentially pure profit (assuming transfers are now, for the most part, automated processes that requires little man-power).

All of the sales they had this summer were because of two things:

1. A lot of people quit the game towards the end of Cata. Like, a LOT. Having sales on race changes, faction changes, and pre-MoP expansions were a lure. In the end, they make more money by acquiring a new customer or bringing back an old one than on single use of the Additional Services.

2. They wanted to ramp up the excitement for the expansion, remind everyone after every few weeks of monotonous raiding in Dragon Soul that the Pandas were coming, and soon!

TLDR: Sales before were offered during a lull in the late stages of an expansion, and they are making too much money on Additional Services right now due to the new expansion, so there is absolutely no way they would or should be giving up those profits now.

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