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Guild website: http://kaldoreiresistance.shivtr.com/

Guild level: 25

“Hear me brothers and sisters of the Kaldorei. The time to sit idly by and go on our normal way of life must be put on hold. The Horde now threatens our way of life and together we must pull all our resources. Put aside all our differences. We need to focus working together as a whole.

The attack on Theramore is only the beginning. Garrosh won’t stop until all of Kalimdor is his. He will either kill us or enslave us. For as long as I know, the druids as well as Sentinels have pledge themselves to preserving and protecting our way of life. Many have died because of that dedication. But now it is time for us all to take arms.

I am forming a group. The name of it is Kaldorei Resistance. Yes, it is named after in tribute to those whom fought against the Burning Legion. The Resistance not only helps our society cope with the changing times, but we protect our way of life against those that threatens it. This group consists of many men and women to even include and not limited to the Highborne… and the twice-born.

Now I know most of you consider the Twice-born or Death Knights as they are called, a crime against nature and balance. Most of you feel duty bound to want to destroy them because they are a living personification of everything we oppose. I felt that way too but hear me out. I took the liberty to meet a few and I stood in awe that despite the atrocities they seen, felt, and the dark magic’s that made them, the Lich King took from them many things but the spirit of the Kaldorei, the love for Elune and the gods, and ultimately, their love for our people couldn’t be striped. Some of this twice-born still search to bask in Elune’s light. Still strive to protect our people. I say “why not?” Why can’t we let them back into our circle and help them? Why can’t we aid them to ultimately be judge by our gods and goddess? For they, are the ones with the only room to judge. We need them at this desperate dark our and whom better to face this threat than those who fight darkness with dark methods? In short: we need these Death Knights. I for one will not abandon any brother or sister who wishes to bask back in Elune’s glow.

Yes, I also said the Highborne and mages. I know full well what happens when magic is abused. I was there at the Sundering and so on. But who better to ensure that old mistakes are not repeated? If our High Priestess sees them worthy to return back to our fold than I say who are we to question her? Again, these are desperate, dark times.

Regardless if you are a warrior, a rogue, a priest or priestess, we accept all of our classes here in the Resistance.

So do you have what it takes? Do you wish to strive to protect our people and our way of life? Do you choose to be the perpetual victim, or masters of your own fate? You decide.

Thank you.”


The Kaldorei Resistance is a RP guild that dabbles in PvE and PvP as well. We are a casual med-heavy role-play guild looking for enthusiastic members willing to help make this guild a success. Members with fresh ideas and motivation. This guild is a work in progress that I'm confident will grow.

We are a fast growing guild. If you enjoy role-playing Night Elf lore and want to be apart of a casual, friendly guild then call this guild your home. All classes and levels of Night Elves welcome. WE ACCEPT ALL CLASSES OF NIGHT ELVES AND LEVELS.

Thank you for taking the time to read and support.
good luck! I'd join if I had a Nelf here. I hate the 11 toon per server cap.

The guild will level quite fast - they level very fast nowadays.
A bump of support!

Also, HI SEF
Shameless bump
Thank you both!
Giving this thing a bump.
In terms of what I need, I need people who not only know enough about Night Elf Lore but about their classes as well. Archetypes of Night Elf Society. The basic concept is set and I want to leave room for others to contribute.
hello Raikys. I saw in another thread you rolled monk. I did too - i'm digging it so far. I'm a brewmaster :D
10/23/2012 08:37 AMPosted by Sef
hello Raikys. I saw in another thread you rolled monk. I did too - i'm digging it so far. I'm a brewmaster :D

I had to roll monk, I finally have a class that fits my play style. XD
BOO TO THE NAME. also a bump, because I'm here.

I still think the name needs work. :P I just don't have time now.
Moonknyght is good peoples! Best of luck to ya, hun! <33

-and bump!-

Website up and running.
Still in need Officers.

Guild website: http://kaldoreiresistance.shivtr.com/

Check out the website for ranks and info.
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I'd like to place a Nelf in here but really am not sure how to make it work (with the characters I have at the moment). To be honest I've been enjoying RP in general a lot more outside of the game lately, so I'm just gonna give you guys a bump while I figure out what to do.
Anytime you need help with it Thane, feel free to send me a mail or whisper.
Oh hai! I recognize this place! *waves*

(aka a badly-disguised bump)
Officers still needed. Since I'm the only one at the moment that can recruit people into the guild, please fill out a app on our website and send me a message there letting me know what time you are available so I can recruit you in. Also, you can state it here as well.

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