<Teddy Bear Autopsy>(25) Recruiting for Group

Hey people.

Me again. This time in need of 2 things.
We are 10 man raiding, just to clear it up.

Healer (Priest/Druid/Shaman) - Had a Priest leave. Great Priest. We need these due to mana constraints.
2RDPS (Priest/Shaman/Hunter) - We need these for buffs that other members of the raid could use.

The raid times are 6-10 Server Time Tuesday and Thursday. If you can't make these times but want in for the perks, I'll still invite you - The more the better!

Hopefully you choose us. We'd love to have you join us. Just /who anyone in the guild and they'll direct you to someone who can inv.

Our Progression doesn't show how far we should be. We should be farther but due to 1 or two people being missing because of work, we have to call it early some times. We enjoy having fun while progressing though and enjoy having a friendly relationship with each other and playing multiplayer with others in games. (Such as LoL)
I would be interested. I sent you an ingame mail.
Still in need of a Shaman/Hunter.
In-game mail me or whisper someone in guild they still will direct you towards me.
In need. Starting this tuesday.
bumping as had two leave due to Real Life issues.

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