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A few weeks ago you mentioned looking into the issue of having to regrind reputation on alts, primarily for Pandarian reputations.

One of the main reasons it becomes very very tedious to do on alts is that it's a high number of days that you simply have to knock out quests to get to the reputation levels to spend valor.

You've made a couple of changes that help a little by moving one slot from each from revered to honored but the fact that there are still revered and even exalted rewards that many alts would desire to get, makes the current situation still way too cumbersome.

You mentioned before looking into a system where once you hit revered on a character, that reputation can be gained double on all your characters.

This would be great, if it was in the game now. You also didn't clarify if that counts for kill reputation, quest reputation or just daily reputation, or even the peace pipes.

Is there any estimate on when this will be available?

An alternative which would be easy(?) to implement and have less unintended side effects, would be to place on the reputation vendors, tokens that increase reputation.
At revered you can buy a token for gold that is bnet-account bound that you can expend to get up to honored rep, possibly halfway to reverered. This way you can 100% select which factions you want to make easier to gain on alts.
Im sad to announce that I will not be leveling all of my alts. I will no longer tank because I dont have the time to grind rep for gear or JP/VP rep gear that can get me into heroics or raids. I wil no longer heal because, again, I will not be grinding reputation.

I will not be leveling any new characters since end game for alts will be more of a struggle than a joy. One of the reasons I kept my sub was that i could swap between one toon to another, gear decently (I do not like the Cata gearing model, but rather the Wrath model) and run raids. One day I could be a tank, or a healer, or just dps. This helped me to keep things fresh and not pigeon hole me into one single roll. I liked that I could change out and still enjoy endgame on many toons instead of a select few. At the end of Cata, I had 13 lvl 85s with 6 of them able to run RF/DS normal.

I didnt no learn of how difficult it was with the rep until after I got to 90 on this toon, so now, this toon will be my main. Im sad because of this. I really enjoyed my Alts. I log into this toon and do my dailies. I am nearly exalted with Golden Lotus. It takes me about 2 hours to do Anglers, Tillers (Im exalted but still want the VP, waiting on dungeons is about 30 minutes, so what else is there to do?) Golden Lotus, Shadow Pan and Klaxxi (which i really dont like) So after Ive gotten done with my dailies, Im pretty tired and just wnat to enjoy myself.

Level an alt? Sure I can get one to 90 any day of the week, but Im stopped suddenly by the imposing rep grind.

Im a strong advocate that all main toons should get the exalted rep first before perks are implemented for alts. Once a person has gained exalted with a faction, their alt should rep through it much faster. A BOA tabbard, automatic rep from dungeon runs or a buff, I dont care. I will be pretty burned out from WoW when i reach exalted. I really dont look forward to, or have any desire to do any further rep grinds on alts.

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