<The Final Chapter> lf core members

We are looking for core members for are 10man group that raids Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm-11pm realm. We are progressing in Mogu'Shen Vaults we are currently 4/6, needing players that are reliable. Please send tell to Bazinga in game or look us up on looking for guild in game.
6/6 Now!
Oh and we raid on Thursdays as well
Also 1/6 Heart of Fear
You guys looking for any healers?
You can also whisper me in game as well as Bazinga
We are now 6/6 normal Mogu'Shen Vaults and 3/6 Heart of Fear. We are still looking for more to add to our team.
we need a tank now we lost ours over the holiday still 6/6 mv and 3/6 in hof cause we have had trouble with people showing up during holiday season

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