LF Guild, Good Tank

Burning Legion
I’m a good tank. I’m looking for a good guild that raid when I’m available. This mostly means Wednesday nights for sure, and the weekends. I’m very interested in PvP, I’ve played to about 2200 on my Dk and attribute most of my tank awareness to PvP in the arena. RBG’s would be cool to if you’re guild runs those, I’m a frost DK pvp, and Blood DK PvE. You can message me her of in game if you’d like to know more.
Hey boss.
In need of a good tank for Light Brigade.
We got Stone Guards down first week but haven't been able to progress since we lost our two initial tanks :(
so yeah, let me know.

wednesdays/thursdays 7pm-11pm

Not that heavy into pvp sadly, I pretty much just do 2s for cap


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