[H] <R'lyeh Awakened> Recruiting! 10man ToT

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We're looking for a ranged DPS for our last spot as we push into HoF - preferably a warlock/mage/shadow priest. Seriously, please someone use all these cloth drops.

Bonus points if you can successfully run in a circle on Zor'lok.

Contact Tak (Takshash#1532) or myself (Tern#1612) if you're interested!
If I were a) any good at the game, and b) a clothie, I'd run with you guys just because of your name.
If you're looking to recruit, you might want to mention we have a water slide. Everybody loves water slides. EVERYBODY!
may be interested for my lock ill reach out on real id ;)
Excellent. Look forward to hearing from you.
And updated the lead post.
Looks like real life is kicking our holy pally in the butt, so we're now recruiting for a healer as well. It never rains, it pours.

Tonight, we raid! Good time for anyone looking for a raid group to show us what you got!
Raiding tonight at 7:30 server. If you'd like to give a trial run with us, send a message along.

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