[H] <R'lyeh Awakened> Recruiting! 10man ToT

Moon Guard
Bumpty bump.
Bump. Healers and clothies, apply today!
Upwardly mobile.
Being on the second page isn't going to help us! Apply today!
Bump. We found an awesome and friendly monk healer, now for a dps! Warlocks/mages, we want you!
Even though Bearistotle has no tusks, she is quite right.
Look at me! Look at me! *waves hand excitedly*
Bump for visibility. There's got to be cloth DPS somewhere on this server?
To the top!
Clothie dps. Join us for our run Sunday!
Midnight is the bumping hour.
Bumptog! Friend to Brotog, brother of Kortog!
Bump. Looking for a ranged DPS as we move into ToT. Warlock/SPriest/Hunter would all be amazing!
Bump. Looking for a healer to round out our group - Shaman/Monk/Druid preferably.

Add Tern#1612 or Takshash#1532 if you're interested!
Still need a healer for Sunday and Monday raiding!

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