[H] <R'lyeh Awakened> Recruiting! 10man ToT

Moon Guard
Bump - still need a healer!
I can't wait to get my mid-morning post report.

Still looking for a healer for Sun-Monday e-dragon slaying.
Yes, come this weekend and help us slay internet dargons!
I think I prefer the first page over the second page. Yes indeedy.

Still looking for a healer to save me when I stand in bad.
Come raid with us tomorrow night!
Indeed, tomorrow/monday would be a great time to see if you fit in!
Still looking for a green number producer!
Things move fast around here. Still looking for an awesome druid/shaman/monk healer to come slay things with us!
Looking for a Pally or Shaman healer!
I'm running out of bandages. A new healer friend would be awesome!

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