Loot from rares is terrible

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It's the trinkets and little things they drop that are what make rares worthwhile.

Sulik'shor (spelling) drops a really nice little trinket for example. 500 to all stats.

It's actually a clickable item that just replaces a flask. 500 to all stats isn't great considering flasks are +1000 to a main stat.


I'd rather have 500 to all stats vs just one stat.

Not to mention that item doesn't get used up like a flask.
The rares are hardly rare. They're everywhere and respawn fairly quickly. There's no need for them to have uber-loot.

this. lets give awesome loot to a bunch of mobs that respawn every 30 minutes to 2 hours and happen to have about 5-8 of them per zone.

Just 8 per zone, one of each race + an extra mogu. The fact vanity stuff (save from the crystal and stuff that can have actual uses) drop from them they are mostly for vanity collectors. Though the loot is quite nice while you are getting to 90.

Oh not to mention how useful the golden fleece, insanity crystal, and lily pad(depending on spec) is for doing dailies, pvp, etc in pandaria.
i wonder if the flask AND the trinket stack. that would be awesome
I've been hunting rares a little while waiting for dungeon queues, and it's honestly a very unrewarding proposition.

Despite being level 90 or 91, they drop gear that is worse than from a level 90 dungeon, and BOP to boot. When I get a BOE epic, it's ilevel 440 so it comes out to only slightly better than regular dungeon loot if I'm lucky. Most of the time, however, all I get is a useless item.

Since they're rare mobs and thus harder to find, making them drop good pieces of BOE loot (463+) would only make sense, because it means I put in the time to hunt and kill a monster that's a bit more difficult than a normal mob (sometimes, significantly more difficult), and there is a reward for my time.

Omg wow players will whine about anything
What I'd like to see is BOA for the gear that drops. 9 times out of 10, I get vendor trash. I just killed a rare on my hunter and got a iLevel 400 leather legging piece ("Oh, that'd be nice for my monk when it gets to 85... oh wait") and an EPIC iLevel 420 2h mace ("my DK could sure use that in a few levels... oh well, vend.")

Vending an epic definitely feels silly, especially when I'm thinking of all the alts that could use it. No BOE means no farmers looking for gear for the AH, but BOP means I'm just dumping this stuff off at the next vendor with my Antler Velvet and other crap.
I gotta kill 2 more to finish the achievement.

Dak the Breaker

Been hunting most of them down this morning and the weeks before.

I felt this had to do with this topic.

EDIT -- One of them dropped a purple bag which had 2 epics btw.

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