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Shattered Hand
Hi, since The Business has officially switched to a 10 man group in order to keep up on progression those of us left out of the pro-group have been left to ensure we don't fall to far behind the main group in gear and experience. With this in mind we are looking to construct a roster of roughly 15 reliable individuals.

This group's main purpose will be to provide geared and vetted individuals who can join the main group should spots open, and to provide a stable of players to draw from when the guild eventually decides to return to 25 mans.

While I understand at this point most players who fall in to the above category have groups of their own, anyone who found themselves behind the power curve during the start of MoP, and wishes to prove their skill and reliability is welcome to join us. Currently, we are in need of all roles, however the following is our primary needs.
1-2 Tanks: Death Knight, Warrior, or Monk
2-3 DPS: Hunter, Death Knight, Warrior, or Monk
1-2 Healers: Priest or Monk

We will be raiding 5 days a week 8:30 PM Server to Midnight Server, Sunday-Thursday. Keep in mind that once the roster is filled the intent is not for every player to have to show up 5 days a night, but be able to allow them 1-2 days of their choice a week to take off for personal reasons.

One last thing to keep in mind is that as the roster fills you will need to compete for your spot. If you are not performing your role well we will actively seek to replace you. While this is bench warming team only people who actively seek to be part of something better should apply.
Individuals interested in joining should either submit an application at thebusinessgaming.com or whisper myself, Saelyne, or Peezo in game.
Bump for progression
Currently 6/6 reg, looking to push heroics and make a good transition into the new raids, Please post here or feel free to whisper me or mail me or soulblighter in game

- Sael
Above needs still stand. Current raid is not properly class stacked and as such a reliable individual could find himself in a very secure spot in this group.

Also. 1/6 Heart of Fear.

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