LF Dps 16/16 Normal mode group for heroics!

We are looking for dps for current content heroic progression, most of our raid group has raided together in the past ( start of cata to present ) on and off. We cleared 6/6MV second week of raid release, unfortunately we had some of our raiders xfer off before we were able to solidify then entire group....unfortunately were having to pug a dps everyweek and have terrible luck.

Raid Times:
Tues/Thurs/Sun 7pm server start time

-Previous raiding exp.
- 16/16 Normal killed.

Looking for :
Death Knight

Please send me in-game mail/pst me in game, or even leave a post here on this tread thank you.
Still looking !!! cleared 6/6 again just looking for last two spots to start heroic progression!
will also take hunter!! pst!
Boomkins hunters dk's + any other skilled dps !!!!!!
looking for a disc with shadow off set !
new bumb need leather dps !
well...here we go im always their for raids currently downed 2/6 mv but have experienced 4/6 in mv i am a quick learner ....hard to clear when not everyone is on same page takes a grp ya know so ive been with current guild for a while now but their in a transitional phase but they can agree when i say im a raider through and through i run all the neccesary addons use mumble ventrilo etc. never will i lag out iu run a computer and internet connection etc. more than optimal and i always am lookin for dmg done as well as my dmg taken in my opinion seperate a good dps from the norm ...srry for so long lol in short instead of puggin on your next use me to show what i can bring to the table and see if i could be a good fit .ty
still looking!
boomkins rogues ferals monks lets go leather dps!!
bump! still looking for that one special dps !
11/16/2012 01:38 PMPosted by Squïd
boomkins rogues ferals monks lets go leather dps!!

guess what we still need dps !! will take ele sham, frost/fire mage, or any other good dps just pst.
still need 2 dps for our HoF Cont. this sunday at 7pm server leave a post or send me in game mail...thanks
need ele sham and mage or even any other skilled dps !
**update just need ele sham / mage ****one dps

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