LF Dps 16/16 Normal mode group for heroics!

to the top!
bump still need mage/ele shaman !
still looking
bump still searching
still looking for a boomkin killing sha of fear Sunday at 7pm pst if intrested in coming along ( perm spot )
got sha down tonight...still looking for a boomkin or mage
just need a boomkin mage or death knight for finish our roster
still need that one dps to fill our raid group for 5.2 progression
lookin far and wide for the awesome dps !
I'm interested in joining if you're still looking. Send me an in game mail if i'm not on. Thanks.
bumb for 5.2
I would love to join on my warlock however he is only about 462 ilvl. However I'm waiting till 5.2 to buy all his BiS BoEs, so it should increase quite a bit. I know there are about 5 or so BoE's I could buy. My predicted outcome would probably be somewhere around 475+. I know that's still ways off but would love to hear back from you guys.

One of the things I think makes me stand out the most is that I'm a really guild oriented player. I love helping lower levels with money for mounts, or getting that dungeon gear. Or getting the guild through their heroics, scenarios, and lfrs. Trying to help them get there 10 points in arena, whatever the case may be.

Cheers. ^^
looking for boomkin/mage/dk only atm

1/12-Throne of Thunder

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