Lesser Charm of Good Fortune & Valor rewards

I'm having an issue with obtaining a ridiculous excess of Lesser Charms of Good Fortune. I can only turn in, what, 90 of them once a week? I've been doing so and I still have over 500 of them in my bags. I have no where to put them. Why can't these count as "currency" and just be put into our currency tab instead?

Also, I tend to get capped on Valor points pretty quickly, and once I'm capped, when I do dailies it says I'm still receiving VP as a reward(tho I don't). I think we should be able to obtain Justice Points as a reward once we are capped on VP for the week. Or at the VERY least, don't include the 5 VP as a reward once we're capped and unable to obtain any more for the week.
I have gotten a lot of questions on the Good Fortune Vendor. I also at first didn't know where he was to turn in my "Lesser Charm of Good Fortune."

So here is a video to help everyone out:


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3 "Elder Charms of Good Fortune" are made when you collect 90 "Lesser Charm of Good Fortune."

You can collect "Lesser Charm of Good Fortune" by completing dailies.

"Elder Charms of Good Fortune" help with Raid rolls... so if you're like me and usually don't have the best luck on raid rolls... then these will help a lot. In Cata RF I never won anything... With these I already have various pieces from Pandaria Raid Finder.

You get around 5 "Lesser Charm of Good Fortune" per completed daily.
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You get around 5 "Lesser Charm of Good Fortune" per completed daily.

One or two.
They will be, currency that is.

Its goofy you can only turn in a limited amount per week, or something.

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