Oh hi

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hi everyone :)
App now and get your second app 50% off!
471 Holy Paladin looking for a solid raiding guild. 4/6 normal MV experience.

If interested please add my battle-tag: Supersuzz #1535
canadians everywhere
I was Canadian once :/
lol me too!
superruzz you'll have to app through the website :)
hey poh.. can i call you pooh? :D
the hurricane didn't kill me
you can call me pooh when i stand in fire. has to be fire tho... not lightning. Treze i'm glad you're not dead... you're one of our top dps - and you post the logs and therefor you're great.
dishonored is a creepy game.
485 ilvl fury warrior Looking for guild. I threw a app in today. Hit me up real Id or in game.
up before it gets lost in the nether.
We <3 u treze
Looking for some good healer apps <3
Bump for good people.

MistWeaver [2]
Holy Pally [1]
Resto Druid [1]

Thanks alot.

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