Oh hi

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In need of some healers that aren't shammys or priests :P
Oh hi oh is a great state
I just got Gee the invincible down in borderlands 2, do I get anything for that?
i guess ill fill out an app <.<

Reluctantly, :) im going to miss my night elf :(

(filling out an app as lvl 90 Mistweaver)
tried to apply, system ate my application and didn't register me. to irritated to try again.
Men in white lab coats are coming to take me away!

Also app today!
I like cookies.
Still need heals? I'm looking for a new home
sump pump bump
Level your monk faster
need a lock?
Fumble is garbage, Bump.

also no Locks Plz.

Holy Pally
Resto Drood.

also looking for a corleggy <3
would a 472 mw be wasting his time ? loads of top 100 heals in lfr :(

you're so...bumpy methodss
Looking for some exceptional apps of all kinds. wearedisturbed.com
I might know a couple of huntards bumps!
Woot Garalon down..
Up for healers and some dps that want to compete for first.. Emellious needs to be destroyed :D Starting heroic modes this coming raid week

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