Oh hi

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Best guild ever!
Anyone want a cookie?
Looking for some great DPS apps. Beginning Heroic progression this week.
Giddy up!
Seeing as Panda's like food,we all sit down and enjoy a huge feast before each kill.
Heroic Stone Dogs DOWN! :) Looking for more DPS and healers to app.
Looking for a healer or two (hopefully with a strong offspec they enjoy playing) as well as accepting all exceptional DPS as we progress into more heroics
LFM healer and DPS apps
Big focus on the need for some healer apps - if you're a healer you should apply at http://wearedisturbed.com <3
Will do naughty things for healers..
deadtom is bad and should feel bad. <3 random bump from random person you've never met! yayyyy:D
Good night healer bump!
Bump for more epic heals to complement our ridiculous life-savers.
Bump for any healer!!
To the top!

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