Oh hi

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looking for strong dps and healer apps as well as an offtank (3rd tank) with strong dps spec (would love a DK for this)
Current Needs: high dps'ers who are great with their raid awareness - we still want a windwalker and we're still wanting more healer apps to review.
protectors and tsulong down - looking for exceptional healer and dps apps :)
Sha down, heroic modes inc!
terrace cleared :)
looking for ranged apps
we need some new ranged for the new year
H Feng Down
got H Spiritbinder down tonight - looking for ranged apps

Looking for solid ranged DPS
Range please!
H elegon down. I can see the future. You're welcome.
looking for ranged dps and healers
H Elegon down - need ranged and heal apps :)
telion missed the kill though
join us. we use mumble.
looking for ranged and heals apps :)
Any desire for a 486 Resto Sham?

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