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How do I get NPCs to appear here? My trade and general either have no idea or wont tell me. I am already 90, but got there before I even got to this zone.

Basically I just want to do the Pandaria Trick or Treat Achievements, its the only one I have but I am in a phase where Mistfall Village literally has ZERO npcs or other players. I just want to loot a bucket.

Anyone know what quest or where I go to get it that unlock Mistfall Village from a blank phase state? I find it rather silly that the Holiday Events are phased out and/or gated, I had no issues last year with Azeroth, Cata or Outland zones. I googled but got no answers how to open the Village, wowhead was no help either.

Thank you!
I think you will have to unlock the Golden Lotus dailies. Not sure though.
It looks like you've finished Kun-Lai, and it's the Temple of the Tiger quests from there that opens the Vale. Did you follow up with Dezco at the gate to the zone after leaving the temple, and see the cutscene where the gate opens?

It looks like you did, as you've got a couple hundred rep with Golden Lotus, and I don't think you earn any until then.

The thing is that Mistfall's phased based on what dailies are up in the zone. Sometimes we're defending it from sprites, sometimes there's mogu there, and sometimes we're not sent that way at all. It's possible that the version of the place when there's no trouble there is completely deserted, as you describe.
I'm having this problem, too. The village is completely empty. Kind of frustrating, as it's also the only bucket I need in Pandaria.
After I completed one daily from The Golden Pagoda, I flew into Mistfall. I flew to village and about three seconds after I landed in the middle of the village mogu and Panderans began to populate and I was able to get my bucket. Before I completed the daily, the village was empty.
It's funny how they can put a sticky about the Golden Lotus on general discussion page and yet people still ask about it.
What you don't know is that you need the guide at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6794032135 to get to the precusors to make this work.
And that, often, the quest givers migrate, status phases, and you can't get the quests from the quest givers at the location where they are supposed to be.

Frustrating in the extreme. As a result, people keep asking about it.
There is a short quest line that starts at the Golden pagoda just a bit northeast of Mistfall village. When you finish that and the blue daily quest markers appear, the village will have the candy bucket in it.

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