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Despondency, a well established guild on US-Illidan. We are currently recruiting for our 25 man raid group. We consider ourselves to be casual hardcore because we raid three nights a week and at the same time we focus on building a strong core so that we can progress quickly through current content in those nights that we raid. We are looking for smart competent raiders who not only know how to do high damage, but also have excellent raid awareness.

New applicants will be expected to perform at a high level and all of our raiders will be fully prepared, know and research their class and be as optimized as possible. We expect raiders to have also researched the fights before we go in. All raiders will be required to behave well during raid, raging and other disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.

We are a close group, and we have fun on off nights, chatting, doing achievements and any other fun activities we can find in the game. With that being said, when we start a raid, maximum focus is required.

Despondency is currently 9/12 25m TOT and 9/12 10m TOT

We are interested in all raiders of high skill but have a few high priority spots which we are looking to fill more quickly:

DK tank
MW Monk
Resto Druid
All exceptional players welcome to apply regardless of class.

Raid Schedule (Illidan server time)

Tuesday 6:45 PM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday 6:45 PM – 10:00 PM
Thursday 6:45 PM – 10:00 PM

If you are interested in joining Despondency please apply at:


or contact:

Taunted (Officer)
Pagnesium (GM)
Hey look, I only killed the last two bosses! /flex.
Join for free cake!
Zaelis's cookies are baked with love!
If you are in our guild, your extra loot rolls are guaranteed to have a higher chance of success (not a guarantee)..
How come I don't get cookies D:
Omg so I can have shadow bunnies with a glyph :O
Bah.. If you want to be excited about anything, it should be the fact that I can once more bubble/hearth..
Still looking for a couple solid damage dealers here!
Dragons die, all day erryday
Why did Galleon cross the road?

I don't know, but it definitely wasn't so he could spawn on the other side.
Because sometimes, it just requires maximum focus..
Recruiting more Pandaren, plus Blood Elves to comb our fur, Goblins to market our adorable merchandise, Trolls to teach us how to dance (Essential for any bear) and undead to give us acting lessons on how to be a Sad/Emo panda.

We're full on Orcs though. They smell bad.
Smelly orcs...ewww...
bump for old times :p
Recruiting replacements for our frail blood elves who were blown away by hurricane Sandy.

I told them to eat more, but they did not listen....
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok down!
They were no good at combing anyhow Janx, find us better ones please.
10/29/2012 03:23 PMPosted by Gyniverre
bump for old times :p

How have you been gyn?

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