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I was just curious if you guys would consider a holy pally with ret offspec. I have raided every teir ranging from casual to hardcore since launch with a break here and there. I prefer to play holy and as such that gear set is much better than my ret set but I can start working on a ret set as well.
Rorq we would, if you can throw in an app that would be great.
Zomg no queue!
But if there is no queue won't u get lonely?
who said that?
That didn't even make sense Pag...

I think you need to apply maximum focus and come up with some wittier replies.
If y'all are still interested in a Death Knight tank, let me know. Mine's about 470ilvl, and I got 2/6HM MSV experience, and working through Heart of Fear now.
Sure! Check out our website for a bit more information..
I like your raid schedule, pretty close to what I'm lookin for. If you're still looking for a DK tank when I finish leveling and gear up I may talk with you guys. I played spriest and rogue through cataclysm but have experience tanking from previous expansions. My current guild moved their raids later so I cannot commit anymore but they were also a 3 night semi-hardcore guild.

Good luck finding some solid raiders, it sure isn't easy these days!
Thanks Aithos, and when you're raid ready, give the website a look please. :)
Here to save the day again :D
Hurray for bosses down!
Nice umbrella Would.
Happy voters day.
App sent
Oh boy, last night was fun! Looking forward to it again tonight!
Yeah, you're probably playing Halo 4 so you can Halo while you Halo.
Looking to recruit a few people from Kansas who have experience dodging tornadoes, as well as fans of Nickleback who have experience dodging sound rings.
Why am I awake at 5:27 AM
Go to bed Mikejones.

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