<Despondency> 25 Man Guild - Recruiting

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Arillerix we do need a three button mashing mage, do you happen to be one of those?
I personally would use and abuse you for mage food, but we need one for raids too ;)
They have buns now :O
BUNS! :O I liked the little cakes from whatever expansion those were from.
I don't remember :(
I wanna see cupcakes next o.O
Cupcakes would be awesomeeee~!
Hear that Blizzard? We demand mana CUPCAKES. :)
Merry Christmas to everyone!
Bah humbug!
Taunted is a grinch!
Cause of mages. :(
Yeah. Lack of mage food will make anyone be a grinch.
still needing a mage?
Yep still needing a mage, if you're interested please throw in an app. :)
I would love some mage food... yup.
already did! :)
still in need of the elusive mages
Mage, mage, mage!

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