The Golden Gate???

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what is the golden gate quest chain in vale of eternal blossoms??? i hit exalted today totally expecting to get the achievement to find i didn't complete that requirement... what is it? i wow head the name of the progress of the achievement and they have nothing on it.. Exalting the golden lotus was really really fun but i feel shorted on the achievement because of that one quest line.. anyone know which one it is or how i can obtain the quesT?
Same thing happened to me a few days ago, i can't find the quest anywhere. Maybe they havent added it to the game yet
Same here
11/10/2012 02:38 PMPosted by Ricodrknight
Same here

This is listed as a known issue in the Bug Report forums. It should (hopefully) be resolved soon. :)

“The Golden Gate” sub criteria of the achievement “Eternally in the Vale” cannot be completed.
I misread this thread title as "The Golden Girls" and eagerly clicked on it. >:[

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