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None of the above.

**** dailies.
Which reputations in Mists of Pandaria are you currently working on?
Poll ended on Oct 29, 2012
Half my guild has stopped doing daily's couple have even canceled their accounts because of the daily fail program!!! Double rep for alts is still not going to get us to do the mind numbing daily grind. You should really consider making the rep ACCOUNT WIDE I want to play alts for fun not to have to grind rep with factions that I had to on my main.
I've done so many dailys that I'm caped out on vp for the week, just from dailys nothing else. And I'm still stuck with that brick wall that is golden lotus rep to keep me fron doing the others.

Acount wide rep is a needed thing for us people that have alts. I understand haveing to do the rep grind once but 2+ times even at 2x exp is going to be too much of a pain to do.

I'm also tired of people saying that thay are optional, but if you want to play WOW thay are not. Thay control rep, quest, pet, gear, and pattern unlocks. So not so optional.

As a side note, why is VP caped @1000 weekly when you can't get anything for 1k, and you will get more than that form doing the dailys you need to do to unlock the VP gear in the first place? It seems a bit off to me.
The dailies have me considering unsubbing. No, I'm not some ragequitter, I'd likely try out the next expansion. But if MoP is going to continue with dailies and rep the way they are (even with the band-aid solution in the upcoming patch), I'll gladly unsub until the next expansion comes out (unless it looks like another daily/rep grind, in which case I won't even resub).
fave: tillers...i like my farm!

least fave: Klaxxi...takes so long to do them ;_;
Curently working on could mean by forse as well for those that feel that way. They're going to use thins to act as if x# of ppl that voted LOVE dailies. I'd like to have an option "Only because we have to"
Only AC & SP. Gotta be exalted by the time i get my 10th shard.. 1/2 way home :)

Klaxxi: Done
Golden Lotus: Done
Cloud Serpent: Done
Black Prince: it happens
The Tillers: Who?
The Anglers: Why?
Lorewalkers: If im really !@#$ing bored..

Do Insane pre nerf then you'd be like, oh cool more reps to grind :) this !@#$ is cake
Well after reading through this post I would have to say your little experiment is a failure. You put up this post hoping your fan boy base would come out guns blazing to support your "dailies only" rep grind and the fact you locked so much of the game behind those reps. Well it doesn't look like that happened.

Admit you made a mistake, make some changes and let's move on. Many, many people have made posts in the forums offering some very good options. No one, well very few anyway, is asking you to get rid of the dailies, just give us some options. The dailies ARE a grind and people ARE getting very burned out. We know you guys hate to admit when you're wrong but in this case, you're wrong.
10/29/2012 12:00 AMPosted by Kysharia
Half my guild has stopped doing daily's couple have even canceled their accounts because of the daily fail program!!! Double rep for alts is still not going to get us to do the mind numbing daily grind. You should really consider making the rep ACCOUNT WIDE I want to play alts for fun not to have to grind rep with factions that I had to on my main.

I do give a thumbs up to the idea of making reps account wide.. All the rest of it /fart. If people really ragequit then lol see ya. Nobody is being forced to do them. grind heriocs and skip to raids for gears. Don't let your tears short out your keyboard.
The only complain I have is X-Realm grouping, each realm doesn't have the same quests, and specifically for the Golden Lotus (and probably others), the quest "objects" (i.e. NPCs, or lootable thingamajigs) are not available if you are pulled to a different server.

Probably too much to ask that they spawn regardless (would clutter the lake hub for one) but perhaps you could make it so every server has the same set of dailies everyday :-)
I am working on The Tillers because those quests are mostly nice and limited in number. They also give more slots to plant crops, which is very helpful.

Just finished Golden Lotus to revered today, and will probably go with the Klaxxi or Shado Pan next.

Might I add that the Golden Lotus dailies are my least favourite? There are just too many of them and some of them have too much competition for them to be fun. There can be too much of a good thing, you know :)

PS: Don't gate VP items behind rep. The VP wall is enough.
I am taking this super casual, and that despite of collecting reputations.

So far I am exalted with 2, and getting closer across the board with the others.

Of all the criticism against the game, I have to say, I am more and more convinced that the mistake on Blizzards side is to listen to the customers just too much.
I mean, what ever gets done, there's always a super vocal community complaining.
Right now, all of a sudden it is the reputation grind, and the flood of dailies.
We don't really need them. One can get into 5 mans without ever grinding reputation at all. One can raid without them, as well. So where is the problem?

The games daily quest system in itself is not overwhelming, or too much. What makes it that, is the mentality of the players.
Questing with ground mounts. Where is the big problem with that? It goes fast enough already. We made all those alts. We should have thought that at some point they will need to be progressed again, when a new expansion comes in.
And now we complain because we are getting burned out due to our own fault?

It is the beginning still of a new expansion. The next one is about 2 years away.
Counting by the lifetime of them so far. If you want to have everything achieved right now, then it is your very own problem.
In a way the community acts like a little school girl who doesn't get that new dolly now from Toys-R-us, but has to wait until her birthday, and throws a tantrum over it.

I strongly hope Blizzard does not make the mistake by constantly bending backwards to please a bunch of unreasonable spoiled brats, all the time. Because it can go either way, apparently Blizzard never wins anyway.
The time it takes to gain reputation is just fine. No need to change it. No need to trivialize it. Might as well just get rid of it then. And that would only mean another aspect taken, that lots of players enjoyed before.

If Blizzard keeps listening and pleasing those kind of players, they will end up with pretty much only them, and the ones who like the game for what it offers will be the ones they lose.
The high peak of subscriptions happened towards the end of TBC, beginning of WotLK. Everything people complain here now, was a given back then, and it was a lot more time consuming. Why? Because that's what the purpose of this or any other game is. To spend time with it. And the more I can spend with it, without being done, the more one gets out of their money worth.
My biggest problem isnt really with the dailies. Ill do them til i hit exalted and then never go near them again. Its that the VP rewards are tied to rep. That was a stupid move. People can do dailies til their heart content for all i care. But even with the new double reps we can get at rev from one toon. Its still requiring people to do the same dailies on multiple toons just to be able to spend some of the stockpiled VP we all end up with.

If they added a vendor not unlike the spirit of harmony stuff. To buy a stack of ore or whatever like the ones in cata. Or even add a Spirit itself that can be bought for 500 VP or something. That would make sense. But runnin heroics and doing dailies to stock up rep and vp for alts is just painful.

I think that VP gear should in no way be tied to rep. It never has been. Rep has had unique pieces/mounts all there own. Which has been great. But forcing people that want to spend any VP at all to grind rep is a horrible idea.
Auguse celest! Gota get that Royal satchel pattern! too bad u need like 3 months to get it...
I thought polls threads weren't allowed? 0.o
I enjoy doing the dailies. If you are a progression raider then you don't really need the vps from dailies as many progression guilds are now farming for gear. But I am working on all the dailies, mainly tillers, anglers and cloud serpents. When finished with them I will concentrate on the rest. I do these everyday on my main.
Wait where is the (none of the above because I don't want to be a mindless zombie doing the exact same boring thing everyday) answer
None of the above option please ^^

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