Honor Vendor

I was wondering if they created a new honor vendor? I have not been able to locate one it is waste to buy from the old honor vendor.
They are adding the 85 PVP gear to the vendor's in Area 52 in patch 5.1. Is that what you are talking about? Because you do have Dreadful so you must know where the 90 pvp vendor's are...
Well I was wonder if they were going to do like they did with cat and make a mat vendor to use your excess honor on. I have nothing left to buy with my honor, now everything take conquest that I want.
There's a honor vendor on Serpents spine for horde: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=65164#map
convert your honor to jp and buy wrath gems to vendor or wrath reputation tokens for achives.

If that dosent suit your fancy then you will just have to live with pvp'ing for the fun of it instead of to get stuff (shocking concept I know)

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