[A] Nephilim - 10M 1/6* Recruiting

Burning Legion
Nephilim is now looking for two dedicated tanks and one dps for full-time raid spots. Looking for a Monk dps and Pally + DK tanks, but will accept other qualified classes. Whisper Silriel or Skullbright for more information and/or questions+comments+concerns.

Looking for players that can make ~85% attendance for the following nights of raid progression:

Tue 8pm ST
Fri 8pm ST
Sat 8pm ST
We have recently gain a few members since this post. We are currently looking for 1 tank (preferably a druid or monk) but anything will be considered. We are also looking for 1 ranged dps (preferably a hunter or elemental shaman) and again anything will be considered.

If you have any raid experience that would be great and if you have experience this expansion thats even better! As said before - 85% attendance is a must as this is a common issue in many guilds.

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