Covenant 10Man 6/6 MSV; 2/6 HOF

[A] Covenant (US-Dalaran)

Raid Schedule: Wen/Thurs/Mon 8:30-11:30 pm server time/Eastern Standard time

Current Needs :
High Need: (CORE)Roster Tank, prefer Monk; (Group2) Tank (non-bear) and Heals (Shaman,Pally pref)
Medium Need: (Core and Group 2) skilled melee and caster range for Roster

Always Needed: Talented raiders who may not be able to commit always to Core but can be a part of our Roster and fill in as needed. A second group runs a much more “casual” run so that is available if needed.

If this sounds of interest to you we would be more than happy to speak with you further. You may contact us on our website Direct messages to Bargoth, Cheekymunkey, Demand or Belphrala. You may also contact us in game on battletags Cheekymunkey#1756
Need boomy/spriest/hunter(with sporebat pet)
Hear so many complaining about no raiding, we are still looking a few to round out roster. Life happens so reality says you need more than 10 to consistently get it going.

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