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Is there any reason why this color was excluded from the catchable hatchlings? I got all 3 and I love them (and all rare!) but I feel my collection is incomplete without a blue one (and maybe an onyx one but that's for another thread I s'pose). I see the model exists, so why not add a catchable version? Please?
Nevermind, just figured out you meant Cloud Serpents. Thought you meant the dragon whelps, and yeah I dont get why there is no azure hatchling.
Oops, yes, sorry - not the Azure Whelpling, though I adore those! :)
Should have been Azure instead of Crimson imo. We get the Crimson Cloud Serpent from the heroic achievements so the Crimson Hatchling should be from something similar.
I need to level my pet battles... Leveling up my alts is so time consuming D:
It would've been cool to reward a minipet and a mount for the achievement imo, but either way I really want a little azure one to follow me around too. These are my favorite pets!

Sekhmet - I just started a few days ago after finding out these pets existed, haha. I always liked collecting them (as can be seen by my collection...) but I just had to have these ASAP. It doesn't take as long as you may think ^^
Yes, definitely agree! Unsure why some of the colors are left out in certain things - for example, there is currently no bronze whelp pet, and no green drake mount!

This isn't an important topic, but I'd love to know if these were just oversights. The completionist (and the roleplayer) in me want to see the ones they left out!
Any chance we could get a Blue Post response on this? I am figuring that they will release the pet as a reward or something but I'd like to know if this will at all be in the game. Azure was my mount choice in the quest chain-- kinda lame I can't get it as a pet like the Emerald and Gold fans can. It seems really weird they'd do this.

My favorite color is Blue and one of my favorite things to do in this game since I started in BC, was to collect every blue colored mount and pet. I feel like the fans-of-the-color-blue were neglected with this.
I searched for this and I found it so I'm posting on it because.... I want a baby azure cloud serpent too!

I hope it will be added later as an award for something, or added as a tameable battle pet. I chose the Azure Cloud Serpent as my mount and I want it to have a baby...not to mention these cute little dragons are now officially my favorite pets in the game!! The blue ones are my absolute favorites...and I can't have one /cry

Not the most important topic in the game, certainly....but it would still be awesome if the blue ones were available :3
I agree with what everyone else has said. I picked the Azure Cloud Serpent mount, and cannot for the life of me understand why the Azure Hatchling isn't tameable, while the Crimson one is.

It's annoying and disappointing, but an official explanation would at least go a long way towards ameliorating that... (hint hint hint!)
I must also chime in to express my disappointment that I couldn't have a blue baby cloud serpent. I got all the other ones, even got the Soul of the Aspects that looks similar.

It is completely illogical that there would be ONE azure one around for me to "catch, raise and ride as a mount", yet there are none at all in the area that are just wild & can be caught.
I too would love to see if we can get these fantastic little hatchlings.
They're just so cute and so epic! I'm another collector of the serpent hatchlings and like Niao said my collection just isn't complete without a blue hatchling.

It would be nice to have one :)
I sometimes envy those who despise pet collecting.

Those who have a few pets wish they had the time to get more.

Those who have more pets wish they had a ton of pets.

Those who have a ton of pets wish it was easier to get all of them.

Those who have all of them would wish that more existed.
Just started doin these quest today. I cannot think of a reason why the Azure one was left out, even twittered Ghostcrawler and Cory Stockon about it too, lol. Was planning to have my Azure blue mount, with my Azure and Gold Argent Crusade inspired gear, with my Azure Serpent Whelpling named Tirion all ready to quest. Why oh Why Blizzard?
I also wish that we were able to catch Wild Azure and Wild Onyx Hatchlings (cloud serpent battle pets).

It's an old thread, but still a relevant issue.

Please, Blizzard. They exist in-game; let us catch them.

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