Honor Points Goods Vendor in Pandaria

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Is there a honor points trade good vendor in Pandaria? Im capped out and have all the HP gear....where do I go to get rid of my honor?
I'm looking too, where the heck ?
For Horde, you goto Hellscream's Fist between Kun-Lai Summit and Townlong Steppes.
On Serpents Spine Wall in one of the towers. Kun Lai Summit 35,83
Where is the Alliance one?
Also on the Wall.
Posters in this thread did see that he said trade goods right?

I've yet to find one, I know where the vendor for honor armor is but can't find the one for trade goods where you could buy herbs, enchanting material, etc. in exchange for honor.

As far as I can find out there isn't one yet. They may add one at a later date.

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