Lien Hua Thunderhammer, a confused Pandaren

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She sells elemental and strong flux, coal and salt, spices and flour, a fishing pole and bobber... all useless on Wandering Isle. How about some fine thread and/or wooden stock instead?
Leveling a Panda there right now in blacksmithing and really would like to give him the Runed Copper Pants He knows he can make, but can't make them because nobody on the island seems to know what fine thread is... very strange. I agree would be nice if she had some items that were useful to low level professions instead of high level professions.
Is it intentional that you can't get the materials you need to craft the recipes that you can learn on the Wandering Isle? If I can learn to make a boomstick, I should be able to get the materials, even if I have to craft a wooden stock from some sticks. Otherwise, what is the point of learning the recipe? Cash is scarce enough in the starting zone.
In the same boat as Touguu, would be better if the vendor sold useful stuff. Would love to make my baby panda warrior the runed copper pants... maybe also some light leather so they can make weapons?

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