Ret or Prot for soloing Sunwell

I haven't go to sunwell at 90, has anyone tried it yet as either prot or retry?

Of course is not posible to solo kalecgos, but for the rest i'm in doubt if prot can make enought dps for Brutalus before the enrage timer.
I solo it weekly now.

[Kalecgos] You can simply walk around him if you don't plan on having friend of pug down him with you in it, you can just simply sneak around him and avoid him completely if you don't want/need anything from him.

[Brutallus] Spend first couple of seconds blowing all your damage cooldowns, you're going to need to use this time as best you can to get him as low as you possibly can. After your CDs go down, you can switch to Seal of Insight if you feel it's absolutely necessary, you can use either one but it all depends on how much dmg you are taking. Right before Brut finishes Meteor Slash, you have to either pop Devo Aura or Divine Protection to minimize as much damage as you can. Repeat doing this until you get to about 8 stacks of meteor slash. At 9 stacks at full health, your health would get so low from a Meteor Slash, one might panic and do something stupid. (I have on several attempts) I recommend at 9 stacks you bubble to clear the stacks and utilize this time to heal up to full with FoL. At this point if he's below 30%, he's yours.
-I do recommend Using Selfless Healer for this fight because Sacred Shield doesn't absorb nearly enough damage from Meteor Slash and his simple melee attacks.
-For 90 talent choice, I go ES to maximize the amount of burst during the beginning of the fight and you can cast on yourself if you are getting at an uncomfortable health and you start falling behind on heals.
-Using TV Glyph will save your !@#.

[Felmyst] Pretty simple, do as much damage as you can when he is first landing. Learn the positions on where he will breath. He should be down by the first landing [excluding the pull for count] Not healing intensive but breath might mess you up until you learn it.
-No recommendations on spec, use what you are comfortable with.

[Twins] Focus on Grand Warlock Alythess first, you don't want to be dealing with her Conflagration and Shadow Nova abilities for too long. Once you have Lady Sacrolash alone, you do need to focus on staying alive. she can also keep you controlled well and make you start falling behind on heals. As the fight goes on you get a healing debuff so the longer you fight, the less chance you will survive. Once you start getting Sacrolash on low health, you will really start to notice the healing debuff on you is taking it's toll.
With the healing debuff applied, your LoH will heal you for even less than a normal FoL. If you do this then you are pretty much screwed. Just like Brutallus, bubble and heal yourself up. After than then you will be free to dps like you normally would.
-This is also a healing intensive fight, not so much the raw damage, but in combination of them CCing you and doing their natural spells while you are sitting there helpless.
-I haven't compared SH to SS for this fight yet, but I found that SH is still a good choice for this encounter.

[M'uru] Easiest fight in my opinion. It's not healing intensive, not demanding on damage, adds are cake, and you can pretty much ignore all mechanics. It's pretty much a free 10g +loot.
-No recommendations on spec, use what you are comfortable with.

[Kil'jaeden] This is also a pretty simple encounter, 2nd only to M'uru. Simply use judgement on orbs, dps like you normally would, DS for the copy cats. It isn't healing intensive, it just takes a while to kill him since he has a lot of health.
-Only recommendation is to use Double Jeopardy Glyph, use what you like for everything else.

Only other thing I can recommend is to bring flasks, food, and potions for Brutallus and Twins to help you with burning them down. Good luck with your drops, still trying to get white helm off KJ.

::On a side note, you can't get Thor'dal Achievement by just looting. And since we paladins can't equip bows, it's just a little bag vanity item we can have. Found that out first solo run::
Thanks a lot, I'll try it tonight.
Best of luck to you.
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