[H] Edit: WotH LFM Tank/RDPS 10M

Moon Guard
Wrath of the Harbingers is a newly formed 10-man raiding guild looking to bolster it's ranks with a some like-minded folks! You've heard the same spiel in hundreds of other threads, we're not hard on progression, but we'd like to progress at a reasonable rate. We have all the quality of life features you'd expect from an in-game social group, vent, guild bank, friendly folks, etc.

We're currently 4/6 in the Vaults (for the two weeks we raided) and we're currently on hiatus until our roster is filled.

To recap: We're looking for backups with the potential to become core in all three roles: healers, dps and tanks, the whole jive turkey, and we're especially seeking hard-working, patient folks. We're working our way up!

Our raid-times are midweek, Tues/Wed/Thurs, 7pm-11pm server time. Raid times are always in mind and subjective to change.

If any of you are interested, contact myself, Xarashi, Groknash, Wajoam, or Thæya (alt-0230) for more information. I will take letters and do my best to return contact with any senders!

Good luck fellow Moon Guardians, I hope to hear from you in-game!
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Got a bit of an edit:

We're still recruiting lightly, taking just about anything (as we do have a 10 man running and are hoping to fill in some back up slots).

This coming week however (Tues/Wed/Thurs 7-10 server time) we're looking to get a replacement DPS for our weekly run. Currently we have up to the Spirit Kings down and we have yet to actually work on Elegon at all.

If this sounds interesting, please send someone in the guild a message!

Stay cute, Moon Guard.
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