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shadows and dumps
What a second you guys aren't 3/6....
Well we had a 750k wipe. I blame coco. He wasn't doing is #1 warlock dps in the world that attempt.
R u gyus lookgni 4 a hutmer? I'm pertty stkaced. Also readin hard.
Looking for raiders who won't rage quit after being called Arby's
top of the forums
Boost it!!!
Not sure what we need. But I get extra Flasks for bumping threads.
3/6 H MSV- 6/6 HoF- 1/4 (4/4 10man) ToES 25man UPDATE
We gotten some great recruits in the last few weeks, couldn't hurt for more.
If you wish for us to poach you from your current guild. Please apply to the link above. We will review your app, and if accepted, we will whisper you in game telling you that the Russians have taken over from the west coast to the Rockies, your guild is going to fall apart and that the only way to survive is to join the Wolverines. After we gear you up and get you a few more Heroic kills, you will be promptly poached, or die of pancreatic cancer.
Someone should make a movie about this.
We are doing ToES tonight. Pull up a chair and have a drink on the house.
Im offering up 5,000 gold to anyone who can get a shoutout on twitter from anyone who is famous thats not wow related. They have to include either of these words. Shadows and Dust, Camnorick, or "Everyone rerolls as a troll on Mal'ganis".

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