zip zop zoobity bop

winter time blues
2 new bosses this week we're rocking !@#$ now
mmm drugs
hey der
Mellenis can't /roll 69
Wind Lord down

Wind Bombs are a pain.
Bump for windlord!
Another boss bites the dust.
Heroic Lei Shi downed last night!

Great Progression in only 10.5 hours of raiding a week!
Seeking a solid hunter.
11/16 heroic.
I dodged lots of balls on vizier, then he died. Nobody enjoys raiding.
01/15/2013 07:41 PMPosted by Forgnar
Mellenis can't /roll 69

I still tell that story.
Best story.
Grats on your recent progression, guys.
I don't like that story.

Also, thanks Starien.
Bumping not just the best 25man realm on the planet, but on all the planets.
hello again
baby fresh yeah
Shadows and Dust
We don't pay our raiders to kill Amber Shaper
But you will hook up and get a better job.
Unless your me and your only joy in life is the new season of This Old House.
hot lunch

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