Best Race for Shadow Priest on Horde (pvp)

well ive been researching for about 2-4 days now and im going to roll a shadow priest for pvp, arenas, rbgs, bgs/ disc priest for pve, raids, dungeons. im more focused on pvp but i will occasionally pve as well. mainly ive narrowed it down to goblin or undead goblins got rocket jump + 1% haste and mini (decent for harder target arena) or undead for the Amazing look, awesome casting animation, touch of the grave, and of course WoTF but WoTF now shares 30 sec cd with trinket so its not as good. so mainly for shadow priest should i go goblin or undead, please give real answers been researching to long and i wanna no which is a bit better the mobility with rocket jump or the extra fear trinket. THANKS ALOT! :)
Undead man, all the way. Even forgetting how BA they are, Undead has amazing racials for pvp.

WotF: as u said, another trink,though it does have a 30 sec cd, that's a mighty bit shorter than 3 min.

TotG: mine hits for around 10-15k and heals for 100% of that. Which isn't alot, but it is alot considering its a passive racial that is automatic.

Cannibilize: excellent in combat mana/hp regen, especially helpful for shadow, since if we cast more than 2 heals, we're oom. Do note, cannibilize's channel is interrupted by dots, so make sure you're not dotted up before nomming down on the bodies.

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I guess I'll argue for Trolls.

Voodoo shuffle isn't noticable but it does help, as priests have pretty poor mobility as it is.

But the real deal is Zerking. Ohh man extra dps cooldowns. The goblin 1% helps all the time, Berzerking helps WHEN YOU NEED THAT HEALER DEAD. (caps for extreme)

Plus they OG
so mainly now ik everything there is to know about the racials for both, should i go goblin, or undead, i like both, cant decide, let me get some opinions. Thanks! :)
If you want to -win- in PvP, save yourself some time/money/trouble/rage (any combination of these) and roll alli instead.
how do u say go alli the pvp is pretty much equal with horde being a tad better? in arena and rbg
Human Anything for PVP
/close Thread
but ally sucks, so you know what to do, UNDEAD!
The horde/alli debate is down to what faction is more PVP dominant on your server.

But yes, Alliance have the best priest racials:

Human: 2 trinkets
Nightelf: Meld (meld CC/missile based nukes)
Gnome: Rootbreaker
Worgen: Sprint to fear

If you're keen on horde, either undead or goblin are fine, they are both relatively equal in terms of racials, but I will always choose undead personally because of the awesome animations they have.
Almost all the races offer something good for a Priest.

I personally went Blood Elf for their interrupt because of personal playstyle; I wasn't one for added security with Undeads, I like securing kills. :P
It's up to you all racial ability depend on your playstlye I use to be a blood elf 2 sec silence with another BE rogue 4 sec silence
Your racial abilities are never so strong that they'll make the difference between a win and a loss. There are benefits to all the Horde racials in PvP and depending on what you value more you could find yourself using any single one of them in a given circumstance. The best thing to do is to try to figure out what you feel is missing from your priest. Is it an escape button or passive haste (Goblin), is it a damage cooldown (Troll), is it an AE silence or mana return (Blood elf), is it an escape mechanism, passive healing or the ability to desecrate the bodies of your fallen enemies (Forsaken), is it a stun (Tauren). Ultimately, you can have fun with whichever character you play so you should pick one for the whole package, racials, character model, animations etc.
^ This
My realm is dying it seems. It's definitely not DEAD, but dying. Wish me and my guild could free transfer to another realm + faction. After so long I seem to be pulled towards horde, but no patience to level anything else :( so alliance I stay :(
I prefer troll for shadow priest but that's just me
Undead is just way too sexy.
If you're going purely for the looks, go female BElf (6% mana regen 2min. CD is also good for PvE healing). I'm still torn between trolls and the forsakens. Their racials are very useful in both PvP/PvE. I play shadow PvP big time. I think I'll be testing out troll to increase my burst dps output (since PvP is all about CCs and using burst damage timely). When facing a healing comp in 2s and in 3s I spec for Insanity (increases mind flay dmg) and Power Infusion (20% haste + 5% increased dmg for 20secs). Whenever I get 3 orbs up and find a good window to burst a healer, I cast Power Infusion and reapply dots/mind flay/silence/mind flay/shadow word:death twice-BOOM Healer down! So you can just imagine an additional 20% haste from a troll's racial (Berserk 10secs/2min CD) can do 40% total haste during burst ;) Other useful Troll racials: *Regeneration (Health regeneration rate increased by 10%) *Da Voodoo Shuffle (Reduces the duration of all movement impairing effects by 15%) - good when you're kiting/running away which is 90% of the time lol *Beast Slaying (Damage dealt versus Beasts increased by 5%) - I guess it helps when facing a feral druid Undead Racials: *Will of the Forsaken (Removes any Charm, Fear and Sleep effect.) *Touch of the Grave (Your attacks and damaging spells have a chance to drain the target, dealing X Shadow damage and healing you for the same amount.) *Cannibalize (When activated, regenerates 7% of total health and mana every 2 sec for 10 sec.) *Shadow Resistance (Reduces Shadow damage taken by 1%.) I'm favoring troll for my dps strategy in certain arena comps but I must admit, forsakens has better animation.
Horde: Goblin > Undead > All

A priest generally shouldn't have too much of an issue with fears, and by using WotF you make yourself vulnerable to other crowd control effects that you would typically save your trinket for, hence why I believe Goblins to be the superior Horde race for Priests. Rocket Jump allows you to quickly change positions, which is paramount to successful PvP gameplay, and the casting speed bonus is very complimentary to Shadow.

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