I am sorry

Hey guys! Shawn here or as most of u guys know me as Miley. Was going to explain my entire.life.story and.blah blah but. I don't think people would care anyways I'm making this post to say I'm sorry. In my time I've been on this sever I've lied...trolled..and pissed off a lot of.people lol. After my grandmother passed..who was basicly like my mother...there's been a lot of crap going on inmy life....so after almost 7 years...the first day of wow..I'm hanging up my swords lol. I wish everyone the best of luck. But sadly this game causes more stress then it does fun! Take care guys!

Shout out to Z!,ripslayer ,rig,raptors and derken.
can i have your gold?
karma's a !@#$%

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