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So i got a brand new mouse from steel series and right out of the box have issues. The software was download straight from their website to make sure i had the latest version but does not work at all. No changes in illumination no buttons respond to my macros. I submitted a ticket and was answered a few days later with a response stating the device was doa. After some time i have finally been offered a RMA even tho i didnt have a receipt which i appreciate...In the mean time i decided since my nephew got the exact same mouse the same day i would try his. On my system the exact same thing happens but the mouse works fine on his pc. I mentioned trouble shooting with steel series but they were so sure it was hardware and nothing else didnt even attempt to TS. So now i am afraid that when the RMA comes and ive waited all this time im going to be in the same boat. I bought the original wow mouse when it first released and didnt have any issues whatso ever and ultimately stopped using it due to the akward feeling but now i have this one and love how it feels. PLZ help im tired of not being able to use this beast of a mouse for gaming!!!!
this maybe stupid but did u click the apply button after ur done changing settings, i was forgetting to do that once and i thought it was broken too
Purchased this mouse a week ago for 79$ ! for this price I was expecting a high quality product but it turned out very average:
nice button arrangement, software is decent
pinky button awkward to use,
software does not allow configuration for other games

but mostly the optics are $/"!"$/" @*.

I would have kept it if I paid say 45$ for it but I returned it; just not worth the price
I have the same mouse, and I have a question. lets say you set up a key binding in a random place on the actions bars. and your mouse is hovering above a different move on your action bars. and you press your key bind button while your mouse is hovering over a different move, it'll do the move or spell your hovering over instead of the key binding spell.
what can I do to fix that?
one thing about the steelseries software... it has to remain running in the background just like with their keyboards or it wont respond to any of your commands
i got a Legendaey mouse and cant add any profiles can someone help me

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