Incorrect mount count on armory.

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Hello there, before MoP hit the armory would only show the number of mounts you have in your in game mount tab regardless of if you can currently use them or not for example tailoring mounts would show if you had learned them then dropped tailoring. In addition to this your yet to be collected section would only show the mounts that character could conceivably learn.

Now however the mount list is totally bloated with mounts that have no place being there, other faction racial mounts, class mounts, removed gladiator mounts are all showing in the yet to be collected section so it can no longer be used as a "to do list" like it was before. Many mount collectors add the yet to be collected tab to their bookmarks and use it as a shopping list/guide for future activities and pride ourselves on getting it down.

We can no longer use the armory to keep tabs on our competition because if a person has a character on both factions then the persons armory is all screwed up which is in turn screwing up guildox in terms of world mount rankings.

Please return armory mount tabs to their former functionality where only the mounts that character his in its in game log usable or not, and so our yet to be collected tab is once again able to be used as a "to do list"
Any word on when this will be fixed ? :(
It would be nice if this was fixed soon. It would mean a lot to us collectors
The bug is bigger than you stated.

I have no Alliance mounts at all, yet my armory shows me having 20+ alliance mounts on this toon.

Please fix!
Yeah i don't have any horde characters higher than a level 1 i may have made to contact someone about a TCG trade or something on a random server and i seem to have a heap of horde mounts added to my count :(

Its become a major source of frustration within the mount collecting community because we no longer have a way to track world rankings please fix this soon Blizzard.

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