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Hello Turalyon!
Tavern Fight Night is almost here! Come join us to do some drunkin' brawling!
Tavern Fight Night - Friday 10/25

Duel Club - Saturday 10/26

Guild Event - Sunday 10/27

It's going to be a exciting, action packed weekend!!

Come and join in the fun!
Join Sanctum of Dreams and enjoy Guild events like the one we are holding tonight!

Event Name: Tavern Fight Night!

Come have a drink on us! Or two! Or more!

Leave your gear behind, because after we get nice and (in game) drunk there will be fist fights! Duel each other - punches only!
Tavern Fight Night was a SUCCESS!

Lot's of (virtual) drinking! The invention of Dance Dueling! And we even had time afterwards to take over Kharanos and get the Wrath of the Horde Achievement!

Tonight Duel Club!
PvP Clinic - Learn best strategies against other classes
Last Toon Standing - Free for all PvP (Prize for last toon alive)

Join our Guild and take part in these unique and fun events!
Hope U die, Shâd Shadowmyst.
10/29/2012 04:28 AMPosted by Brrtiful
Hope U die, Shâd Shadowmyst.

I have another 90 alt on Rexxar, I'll be seeing you soon :D
New Recruitment video is up, and new guild contest is available.
Halloween Bump
Still recruiting more people for RBGs, in need of healers
bump for successful take over of Alliance Bases in Outlands, great skirmish with other 90s in Wildhammer Stronghold.
Still looking for more RBG players
Just got acct SoR'd this weekend once lvl and get back into the swing of thing ill be interested with my resto

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